Bunsen Media is a multi-media collective founded by Karl O'Reilly, a young and gifted Visual Artist specialising in photography and film. In it's current incarnation, Bunsen collaborates with Textile Designers, Fashion designers, and Illustrators to provide a robust service tailored to a massive variety of needs.

Having picked up a camera at the age of eleven (with a passion for film making running within his family), Karl has spent over a decade honing his expertise in the schools of cinematography, photography and directing.

Karl has graduated with a first class Honors Degree in Creative Digital Media as well as an award for "Outstanding Contribution to Photography",and "Student of the Year"  
As well as his Creative digital media degree he has spent a six month semester studying Fine art portraiture, film theory, sound & foley for film and Film production in HAW Hamburg, one of Germany's most renowned design schools which he graduated from with a near perfect GPA.

He has assisted renowned photographers such as Evan Doherty Photography & Tony Kelly Photography for magazines, brands and news papers ranging from Wella to Ramp Style Magazine, and shot for the likes of James Butler, Men's Fashion Ireland & U-mag. His work has seen the pages of the Irish Examiner. He has also shot the promotional work and acted as a runner on The Secret Market (Garret Daly) a short film which recently won best screenplay at Rhode Island Film Fest, an Oscars affiliated festival.



email:                       bunsenmedia@gmail.com
Phone:                                     085-856-5379


His photographic work conveys themes of mortality, disobedience, feminism and an a flagrant disregard for societal norms, conveyed through grimy, often grotesquely beautiful imagery.
His styles vary from bright saturated, bordering on surrealist color imagery designed to captivate the sense of wonder; to ominous, low key and heavily contrasted portraiture encapsulating the sense of personality and often nihilism in his subjects.

Some of Karl's noteworthy projects include his first book: Youth: in Revolt (now having images from within, exhibited twice in Rua Red art gallery),

His directorial debut 34 School Street as well as Mayfly and Moving On: two short dramas, both of which he was involved with as the director of photography.

His current passion project is his second book: SUBWAY 17 a three month long journey through New York's sprawling subway.  (Having made over 16,000 images, Karl is now in the process of editing this massive feat, already to extremely high praise from photographers such as Tom Jenner and Evan Doherty, this book is set to be an influential release in Irish documentary photography.) 

As hobbies, he enjoys street portraiture, and through photography, encapsulating the individual histories of abandoned structures from power plants, to homes, to amusement parks, known also as Urban Exploring.

He is also one with nature.